Looking for a perfect souvenir from Poland? Searching for a beautiful, yet practical present?

Tired with the tacky and cheap souvenirs so abundant on the tourist market? If yes, you have found the perfect site! Bolesławiec pottery is the perfect solution for you!

Polish pottery is an unique product, which is hand crafted in traditional potteries in Bolesławiec. Each piece is decorated with tiny patterns, which are hand-painted by artists. This technique helps to pay attention to small details, that make our product so extraordinary. Polish pottery from Bolesławiec is well-known not only in Poland, but also abroad, especially in United States and Germany. Nowadays, polish stoneware is being collected by many private collectors all over the world. It is also worth mentioning that prices of ceramics available in stores in Poland are much more favorable in comparison to those offered abroad.

The Trilogy, tradition and mead

Our traditional stoneware is renowned partly due to the films based on The Trilogy by Henryk Sienkiewicz. The round clay-covered pitchers, from which, presumably, Zagłoba drank his favourite mead, were manufactured right here, in Bolesławiec, in the 17th century. However, polish pottery is not just about the pitchers – it is about full sets of products adorned with unique ornaments. You can find them at our store. Bolesławiec – polish pottery is a perfect gift for everyone who wants a great, unique souvenir from Poland that would decorate any interior.

Bolesławiec – polish pottery and DekorBuy shops in Krakow

Those who want to redecorate their homes should visit DekorBuy Krakow and discover the vast choice of Bolesławiec – polish pottery. Our online store provides almost unlimited access to our products. As Bolesławiec pottery is now in stores, including online stores, its purchase is no longer a problem!

Bolesławiec pottery for everyone

If you look for a souvenir from Poland that would combine tradition with modernity, check the products offered at DekorBuy Krakow. Discover the unique, original, traditional yet practical and modern tableware from Bolesławiec. The prices at DekorBuy guarantee that every customer will find a product they can afford. Unbelievable? Find out yourself!

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